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- What is the NSZL-DL?
- What is it for?
- What is its purpose?
- How are the documents acquired?
- How can I read a digital document?

- Contents of the main page
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For Publishers
- Submission system
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- NSZL-DL widgets
- Semantic web


On both the English and the Hungarian homepages of the NSZL-DL you have an opportunity to add this catalogue site to your browser's searching services. Nowadays you can usually find two search boxes in the tool bars of most browsers. The first one is for browsing by the URL's you have already used. The other one can be used to access easily special services of your choice. If you include the NSZL-DL here, you may get easy access to searching the NSZL-DL at any time, without any relevance to your current browsing activities.

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