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Contents of the main page

The main page of the NSZL-DL was designed with clarity in mind. We try to load as little information as possible on the reader, so that he/she can concentrate on the substance: the documents.

References on the main page

At the loading of the page the Search function is active, as most visitors use that. Searching Documents or Images can narrow the hit list. Detailed search is available for special searches.

Browse and Top favorities are available for those who do not know what they are looking for, or who just want to get acquainted with NSZL-DL.

You can make the browser of NSZL-DL the search-engine of your own internet browser. Most browsers have two input fields. Type a known weblink to the first one, and the subject you want to find to the other one. Having set up the search-engine of NSZL-DL you can simply search in the Digital Library.

RSS - to have a summary of the new documents on the pages of NSZL-DL, RSS links are available from the main page and from the top favorities. To register, please click to the icon.

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